Amateur Wine Competition


Attention All Amateur Winemakers!!

Between Christmas and New Years day the KGGWA will hold their annual amateur wine competition.   If you are interested in entering wine for this judging please see the rules and entry form below.  Please contact Dave Cairns with any questions please contact me at 785-580-9473 or  Entries may be dropped off at any KGGWA member winery before Christmas or at Dave’s address:

Dave Cairns

13147 SW 33

Topeka, KS 66614.

Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers Association Annual Amateur Wine Competition Rules 

Eligibility: The competition is open to any non-commercial, Kansas resident winemaker 21 years old or older. The wine must be homemade by the entrant. No purchased wine or substitutes. 

Requirements: Wines must be bottled in standard 750 ml wine bottles(preferably colorless). The bottle closure may be by cork or screw cap. All entries in the same class by a winemaker must be different. Different vintages of the same type of wine are allowed. 

All bottles shall be free of labels, capsules and other distinguishing marks. It is the responsibility of the entrant to correctly test the wine, complete the registration form, attach the entry form to the bottle with a rubber band and ship/deliver to the addresses listed. 

Consider dry wine to have 2.0% (S..G. 1.002) or less residual sugar. Sweet wines have more than 2.0% (S.G. 1.002) residual sugar. 

Wine entered as a grape varietal shall contain at least 75% of that variety. Wine made from concentrate or non-grape (Category 6, 7,or 8) is acceptable. Grape type may be vinifera, hybrid or native. Classes 1 thru 5 are for grapes only. Category 6 and 7 are for any fruit, excluding grape. 

  • The categories are:

  • 1. Dry Red Grape

  • 2. Dry White Grape

  • 3. Sweet Red Grape

  • 4 Sweet White Grape

  • 5. Rose/Blush Grape

  • 6. Sweet Non- Grape

  • 7. Dry, Non-Grape

  • 8. Mead (Honey)

  • 9. Port 

Entry Fee: An entry fee of $5.00/bottle will be assessed for bottles 1 through 5 submitted for judging. There shall be no fees collected for any quantity over 5 bottles to be judged. Payment shall be via check made out to the KGGWA and shipped or delivered along with the wine to: (the address of the facility hosting the conference or the person in charge of the competition or any KGGWA member winery).